• About Mario

    "His sets are like perfect pop songs"

    It is precisely these many years of experience and his feeling for contemporary dance music that allow him to cover a hugely broad spectrum of different musical styles. With a special feel for the moment and that certain something. He plays and has played in virtually every club/bar in German-speaking Switzerland.

    Absolute specialist for:

    • 80's & 90's parties / events (over 200 events)
    • 2000's parties / events (over 30 events)
    • Charts / Hits / Partytunes in general (over 200 events per year)
    • Ü25 / Ü30 / Ü40 etc. (over 100 events)
    • Weddings / birthdays / company events (over 100 events)
    • Disco-Funk (personal love) / Soundcloud links to Mixtape 1 and Mixtape 2

    The logical consequence in the further development of Mario Held, was the step to produce own songs.

  • Producer

    Mario's productions

    Burkina Faso
    Artist: KlangwolkenLabel: Nova Mova
    Remember Me (Soulmagic Remix)
    Artist: SouxsoulLabel: Deeptown Music
    Only You (Souxsoul Remix)
    Artist: Cocolorez & SibylleLabel: Black Riot
    Specialize In Love
    Artist: Souxsoul feat. SibylleLabel: Nu Monkey Records
    Born To Dance (Radio Edit)
    Artist: Souxsoul, Venessa JacksonLabel: Cruise Music
    Remember Me
    Artist: SouxsoulLabel: Deeptown Music
    Artist: SouxsoulLabel: Cruise Music
    Just To Know Love
    Artist: All You Can EatLabel: Blacksoul Music
    My Star (Club Mix)Artist: SouxsoulLabel: King Street Sounds
    Memories Of LoveArtist: SouxsoulLabel: Alma Trat
    Take My HandArtist: KlangwolkenLabel: Freegrant Music
    Secret (Souxsoul's Fifthy Shades Of Grey Remix)Artist: GroovefonicLabel: Hive Label
    Love Light
    Artist: Souxsoul feat. William WhiteLabel: Cruise Music
    My LoveArtist: SouxsoulLabel: Cruise Music
    FreeArtist: Souxsoul feat. Michael André WilliamsLabel: Onako Records
    Givin' It UpArtist: Souxsoul & Aston MartinezLabel: Cruise Music
    Gimme The Music
    Artist: SouxsoulLabel: CRMS
    I'm Warning You (Club Mix)Artist: Souxsoul feat. SibylleLabel: Nu Monkey Records
    I'm Warning You (Original Mix)Artist: Souxsoul feat. SibylleLabel: Nu Monkey Records
    AbsolutelyArtist: Souxsoul & SvensoniteLabel: Deeptown Music
    Ask YourselfArtist: SouxsoulLabel: Good Stuff Recordings
    Because Of You (Club Mix)Artist: Souxsoul feat. SibylleLabel: King Street Sounds
    Alone (Richard Earnshaw Club Mix)Artist: Souxsoul feat. D'ArgentoLabel: King Street Sounds
    Try My Love (Mirko & Meex Extended Remix)Artist: Cocolorez & SibylleLabel: King Street Sounds
    Little Universe (Radio Edit)Artist: SouxsoulLabel: Cruise Music
    Back To Guam AgainArtist: SouxsoulLabel: Disco Balls Records
    Trick!Artist: SouxsoulLabel: Nu Monkey Records
    Juice of Disco BallsArtist: SouxsoulLabel: CRMS
    Try My Love (Souxsoul’s Extended Vocal Mix)Artist: Cocolorez & SibylleLabel: King Street Sounds
    4 UArtist: SouxsoulLabel: CRMS
    You...Artist: Souxsoul feat. Michael WilliamsLabel: CRMS
    Touch Me, Feel Me
    Artist: Souxsoul feat. BillieLabel: Nu Monkey Records
    Real Life (Souxsoul Remix)Artist: All You Can EatLabel: Blacksoul Music
    Real LifeArtist: All You Can EatLabel: Blacksoul Music
    ChernobylArtist: A Y C ELabel: Capital Heaven
    Chernobyl (Mike Sulu Remix)Artist: A Y C ELabel: Capital Heaven
    BrainfoodArtist: A Y C ELabel: Disco Balls Records
    Only YouArtist: Jerome Sydenham & CocolorezLabel: Kraftmatic
    Alabama MamaArtist: SouxsoulLabel: Desptown Traxx
    Superlover (2017)Artist: Souxsoul feat. SibylleLabel: Deeptown Music
    Come Inside (Radio Edit)Artist: SouxsoulLabel: Cruise Music
  • Events

    An event stands and falls with the right music - let your event become something special.

    Whether it's a wedding, birthday, corporate event or any other celebration, a good event thrives on exciting music. Especially at the beginning of an event, it is important that the guests can arrive and feel at ease straight away.

    Upcoming Events
    Tanznacht403. Aug 24Dukes, Hirzel
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